Visual Designer


Sarah Hernandez

Visual Designer


I’m a Visual Designer who has had the opportunity to work with talented Visual and Product Designers on a very collaborative and cross-disciplined team. I have a passion for learning and growing in my field and picking up other skills that inform and improve my design decisions, such as Product Design.

I’ve been a key contributor from inception to launch of products released by Fortune 500 companies. My early experience as a Frontend Developer has taught me how to empathize, communicate and think beyond flat designs, considering how small changes can make a large impact on design systems and how they are implemented.

I’m looking to join a team of people who are passionate about what they do and who share their knowledge with the team in order to elevate the level of work produced.

While I consider myself someone with a strong work ethic, I enjoy interacting with people and lightening up the environment around me through laughter, jokes and casual conversation. I’ve been told I have a very infectious laugh.

In my free time, I love the outdoors and taking spontaneous walks down paths I've never been. I look forward to meeting you and seeing where this path could lead.

Feel free to get in touch.